Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Coding Days...

     Despite being notorious for refrigerator superiority and miscalculating at times, I've always wanted to start my own game studio. But deep within the pages a snag was going to hit me sooner or later no matter what. The decision of being the one-band man of gaming wasn't my own, but one of being enough multiple places in it to get by was mine. I was influenced by gaming in the 80's-00's. Those were the days....

     The TMNTs were pizza-partying, and the Simpsons were trending. Laughs often filled the air. Then technology was at war. Both military and nation-wise. I think that is when and where the American dream died; technology's sudden advance killed everything.

For someone that does not want their childhood back, and still looks at the future as not very bright, would they still love today?

     Not everything in it had advanced. From the console to everything using Flash and Java, no one knew of love's importance. It put people in jeopardy, turmoil and poverty. Life became harder within a few moments of freshly well-sprung power.

     I wanted to give back to technology. And to gaming. Then, I moved into several communities that knew of that return. I was language-dumb but willing to learn. It took years. Now I stand as being home to a universal toolset's forum while I wait for a good release. The thoughts of training with variables out loud still go through my head, and it is but a dream. And I now know that the people of the past can change everything. Even after death.

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