Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Most Accurate Death of the Milky Way Ever

    While the exact number of explosives in the world(of all types, altogether) are not known, people still think all life on Earth would be extinct thanks to nuclear warheads. While that may be still true it does not end there. The world stockpiles more than 5 types of explosives, each with their own allotted numbers, purposes and blast levels that range from a tiny pop to explosions that wipe out past a single continent, with many ways to set them off.
     Have you ever wondered what can destroy a galaxy and several others with it? The sun has involved itself in so many ways that that we owe our lives to it. It is said to be one of the earliest and simple ways to die, from its start and past its cycle. I managed to calculate a theory that a unanimous number of people might find incredible. As the sun grows bigger every day, scientists have predicted a solar flare would come from it, big enough to swallow 20 Earths. That would destroy a solar system with another or more in its wake! Now keep this in mind compared to this theory.
     Count all of the explosive technology the world has altogether plus the production rate they are being made at. Imagine if they were all in a spot where all of them can be detonated(that would be where they would stand). If they were next to each other and set off, the explosion would propel and destroy everything in its wake, ripping a tear in the universe. Can you handle that? No one can. But take a breather before learning the next thing after it. Either anything would fly out of that tear and finish the whole area off or everything after us would be sucked in the distortion. More people would continue to be right, but if one correct rule including an afterlife would pass, then we'd be done for in that instance in an unexpected rate of chance! This would be one disheartening movie script!
     The World is beautiful in so many ways we can imagine, but its population yet is so far from settling growing issues big, wide and small within itself, before it could handle its ultimate one that is too unfathomable and unthinkable to the average mind.